VI - Inspiration

For all of you out there who can not imagine what a tiny house can look like,
I got some pictures from the Heart Of It All House, so you can get a better idea of what it might look like when it is done.

My Layout is pretty much the same, both inspired by the hOMe plans.












V - First Shopping Tour


Another day, another blog entry.

So yesterday I went to a local home improvement store (like Home Depot or Lowes) to buy just a small screwdriver.

But then I saw that the company is bankrupt and they sell all their stuff for up to 50% of the original price + all of the samples of the products.

So I ended up buying those things:

- Reciprocating saw
- Compound saw with laser
- 26L 10bar air compressor
- toilet
- toilet tank
- toilet seat
- Wall-mounted rain shower with hand spray and faucet (so I can easily fill up a bucket or something without using the hand spray)
- Bright working light
- manual wood and metal saws
- aluminium toolbox
- electrical towel dryer
- electrical boxes for light switches and outlets
- and a slightly damaged sink made of some sort of stone for 50€ instead of 170€ (Last picture is a stock picture of that exact sink)

Plus I got 7,5m² of very nice mosaic tiles for just 50€ instead of 120€ brand new, just the package is a bit damaged.

All that for 620€ instead of my estimated 1100€ for the same stuff.
So good day for my tiny house budget.

Here are a few pics

IV - Trailer construction


Second post today, not that busy day at the office.

So here are some Pictures of the Trailer. I am making the 3D construction and drawings and a trailer-company will build it for me, just like I want it, with all the holes for plumbing pre-drilled.

The building platform for the #tinyhouseaustria will be 2,5m (100inch) wide, 9,5m (357inch) long and 0,55m (22inches) high.

This is roughley around 24m² (260 square foot) for my tiny house

The structure is a pretty simple steel-beam construction of U-Steel with 120mm height, but with the right meausurements so I can screw the OSB plates right in to the steel.

So all around the trailer I will put some 12x6cm (4,7 x 2,4 inch) lumber wood.

And then thin metal plates on the underside of the trailer plus 12cm (4,7inch) insulation between the steel beams.

After that I will top it with some 25mm (1inch) OSB Plates with tongue and groove around them.

III - Estimated costs for my #tinyhouseaustria


So today I want to share with you a very rough cost-calculation of my #tinyhouseaustria that I got so far.

Please note that this is a very naive calculation but it serves the purpose to get an overview of what I have to expect. So there are not too much surprises along the way of building the house.

These are just the very rough costs I have a very detailled plan on my computer where I write down every last cent that I spend and have spent so far.

30.000€ are roughly about 33.600 US Dollar

So I plan on spending not more than 30.000€ on the whole house including delivery to the lot (which I don't have right now)

The only things I bought so far are a few tools I needed, and will need in the future plus my skylight which was a really good price.

In my next post I will show you where my dream place to put the #tinyhouseuaustria is. 


Hey guys, so I am back.

Had a lot of work to do, sadly not with my house but rather with a very difficult client at my company.

Nevertheless  I am back, this time for good.

So in the last (and my first) post I told you a bit about myself.

And now I want to tell you what my #tinyhouseaustria must-haves are.

- Full bathroom with big shower (big enough for two)
- Regular flushing water toilet
- Washer/Dryer combo
- Full size large bed (160x200cm - 63 79 inch)
- Full size bed for guests
- Regular sized kitchen with all appliances like a large fridge + freezer, large dishwasher, 4 plate induction stove, full-sized oven, microwave oven, deep sink etc.
- Large and good insulated windows
- lots of electrical outlets for my tech stuff
- A/C Split aircondition
- Table for at least 6 people to sit and eat
- space for my 42" TV + Playstation

Last time I used a picture from to show what my lose will look like (very rough)
And today I want to show you an actual picture of my CAD drawing.

By the way, please follow my instagram (Link at the top of the page) and my youtube channel, I know there is not that much to see, but rest assured there will be soon.

I am planning on writing one blogpost a day, to show you guys what I have planned so far.

And sorry in advance for my english, it is not my first language (born and raised in Austria, so I speak german)

I - Introduction

So in this first post I want to introduce myself. I am 23 years old, live in Eugendorf, a small city in Salzburg (Austria)

 I work as an construction engineer in a small company that designs and manufactures pharmaceutical machines.

Until march 15 I worked at a slightly bigger company that designs all stuff connected to machines like machines and cranes, we also invented a hydrogen powered electrical car, which is pretty f*****g cool but the work got more and more stressful so I decided to change something in my life for the better.

 So now I work in a CoWorking loft at a place called "Panzerhalle Salzburg" which is a large building which housed tanks for the military til 3 years ago and is now a place for creative people and marketing agencies and stuff like that.

Right now I live at an small appartment which has around 460 square foot (43m²).

But costs around 770$ (690€) per month (please notice how i even convert price and units so you don't have to to that)

So for 2 years now I thought about going tiny, but I didn't want to lose any comfort I have right now like running warm-water, a washer, big kitchen, place for friends to sleep.

Like half a year ago I stumbled across the hOMe tiny house and was instantly convinced that something like this would be the perfect match for me.

In my next blogpost I will talk about the things a tiny house must fulfill ,for me to live in it, and how I will change the original plans for my own needs.

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